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The Solon Spartan Trapshooting Board created Bi-Laws which the team operates under.  


Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF), the leader in youth development shooting sports programs. Using a combination of education and athletics, we work to enhance the growth and personal development of student athletes throughout the nation.  The SSSF is the National Governing Body for the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) and Scholastic Pistol Program (SPP).

The Iowa SCTP is sponsored by the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation, SCTP has >10,000 athletes nationwide each year. In Iowa, the Iowa High School and Scholastic Clay Target Program have a shooting season that begins September through May. Disciplines include 16-yard trap, handi-cap yardage for trap, skeet and sporting clays. Teams are lead by certified coaches, practices are conducted, and local matches are held with neighboring teams. In-season competitions lead up to the Iowa High School and SCTP Championships each June.

The Iowa DNR shooting sports Program has the following goals:
  • Introduce Iowans to the target shooting sports

  • Promote existing target shooting programs

  • Provide new target shooting programs

  • Provide assistance to in-school programs where possible

  • Provide more shooting facilities

  • Improve existing facilities


Memberships that are required for Solon Trapshooting Student Athletes (along with all other team's athletes)


Iowa SCTP Background
Established in 2006, the Iowa Scholastic Clay Target Program, Inc. is committed to supporting organized youth, high school and collegiate clay target shooting programs across the state of Iowa.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the primary functions of Iowa SCTP, Inc. are to raise money and provide funding and financial support to Iowa programs and their coaches.
With support provided by our sponsors, Iowa SCTP, Inc. and its volunteer board of directors has been able to provide funding and therefore more opportunities to new school-based teams, coaches and shooting athletes.  Below are just some of the efforts Iowa SCTP, Inc. has created for Iowa youth clay target programs:

  • The Iowa SCTP Inc. Grant Program is a way for new school-affiliated programs to receive startup funding to assist with startup costs and leverage local fundraising efforts.

  • Iowa SCTP, Inc. pays one penny per each competition target registered with the Iowa DNR into a team/school’s Scholastic Shooting Trust Account through the Iowa SCTP, Inc. Target Incentive Program.

  • Iowa SCTP, Inc provides tuition reimbursement and subsidizes target, ammunition and food costs for coaches attending sponsored coach certification courses including the NRA/USA Shooting Level I coaches course, the NSSA Level I Instructor Course and the NSSA Level I Instructor course.

  • Iowa SCTP, Inc provides tuition reimbursement subsidizes target, ammunition and food costs for coaches and athletes attending development camps focused on international-style competition.

  • Iowa SCTP Inc. provides fundraising opportunities for local programs through Midway USA Foundation sponsored raffles.  These raffles are designed to satisfy both short term and long term funding needs by providing cash for the season AND by building the teams Scholastic Shooting Trust Account.

  • Iowa SCTP, Inc. supports additional coach trainers to expand coach training efforts established by Iowa DNR Shooting Sports.  Additional coach trainers will be responsible for certifying more coaches through the DNR Basic Shotgun Coach Program and the NRA/USA Shooting Level I coaches course.


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