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Achievements during the season:
·   Solon Spartans participated in 19 Competitions
·   2014 Team consisted of 42 student athletes: 7 females, 35 males, 15 registered coaches or adult volunteers
·   8 - 1st Place Award placements for Individual student athlete awards in Tournaments
·   9 Squad Placements in 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place in Tournaments

Achievements from the 2014 Iowa High School State Trapshooting competitions include three state placements in three different divisions as the Solon Spartans competed against more than 1400 student athletes (and over 150 high schools).  
Their achievements included:

1.  2014 Iowa State Trap Championships • 2nd place squad for the day • Solon Black team that consisted of (Logan Chaloupka, Ben Lilleoden, Wyatt Rath, Brandon Dvorsky and Easton Ressler).

2.  2014 Iowa All State Trap Team • 4th place (Logan Chaloupka, Justin Gibbs, Wyatt Rath, Brandon Dvorsky and Easton Ressler)

3.  2014 Iowa Trap League (consisting of season scores combined with state competition scores)  6th place

During the 2014 Iowa Scholastic Clay Target competition, Justin Gibbs (first year high school shooter) was awarded    4th place overall against 362 other student athletes in his division.  

Iowa State Middle School Trapshooting Competition in Cedar Falls, and the Solon Squads did an outstanding job!

1.  1st place in the state out of 23 schools: Michael Baumgartner, Chase Gehrke, Chase Connelly, Christian Haight, Treven Stallman   (score of 473 targets achieved out of a total of 500 (beating their competition by nearly 40 targets).

2.  While everyone previously listed achieved outstanding scores, specific state awards included: Treven Stallman as 1st in the state with a score of 98 out of 100 targets, while Chase Gehrke received 3rd place out of a total of 250 individuals.
3.  For the female division, Nicole Breese won 2nd place with a score of 87 out of 100 against 28 student athletes. 
4.  The Middle School student athletes also competed in a state league. Those winners consisted of 7th place

Christian Haight, 3rd place Treven Stallman, 3rd place Brianna Smith and 2nd place Nicole Breese.      


2014 Solon Spartan Trapshooting Team includes: High School: Asprey, Caleb; Beuter, Megan; Chaloupka, Logan; Colton, Lee; Corrigan, Sam; Dvorsky, Brandon; Erenberger, Ciara; Erenberger, Olivia; Fritz, Cole; Gehrke, Hunter; Gibbs, Justin; Lilleodden, Ben; McAtee, James; Mcatee, Lillee; Moore, Nick, Moss, Kody; Olney, Nicholas, Rath, Wyatt; Ressler, Easton; Rowland, Grant; Schwartz, Levi; Sea, Walker; Takeuchi, Raiden; Tepoel, Cameron; Thielen, Chad; Tompkins, Daylan; Vsetecka, NickMiddle School: Baumgartner, Michael; Breese, Nicole; Connelly, Chase; Dvorsky, Brenton; Gehrke, Chase; Haight, Christian; Kral, Joseph; Manifold, Jarrett; Moore, Timothy (absent from photo); Sea, Carter; Smith, Brianna; Stallman, Treven

·   Solon Spartans participated in 36 official competitions
·   2015 Team consisted of 35 student athletes: 9 females, 26 males, 15 registered coaches or adult volunteers
·   39 individual top place awards with medals for 1st thru 3rd

·   18 Squad placements receiving 1st thru 3rd Place Awards in Tournaments

·   24,276: The number of clay targets hit during the season by our team during 36 regularly scheduled competitions (excluding state) .

·   Total Patches during season (including state):    

     16 - straight 50s 

      93 - straight 25s

        1 - straight 75 - Michael Baumgartner

        2 - straight 100s - Hunter Gehrke


SCTP State 2015 Highlights

Solon Spartan Trapshooting competed in a statewide shoot for the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) in Cedar Falls Iowa with over 200 schools ranging in age from 4th grade through college.  Awards were given to the top three individuals and squads for middle school, high school and college.  Solon Spartans brought home two medals for those who were in the top three of their division (high school was 200 targets and middle school was 100 targets). This competition had ~1000 student athletes compete. 

Solon top achievements included:

Rookie Division: Maddie Manifold - 8th Place

Intermediate Entry Level: Denver Haight - 14th Plate

Intermediate: Carter Sea - 126th place

Junior Varsity Division Squad: 4th place (score of 888 out of 1000 competing against 101 squads): (Squad consisted of: Chase Connelly, Michael Baumgartner, Nicole Breese, Christian Haight, Chase Gehrke)

Varsity Squad: 5th place (score: 944 out of 1000 competing against 100 other squads) (Squad consisted of: Logan Chaloupka, Hunter Gehrke, Chad Thielen, Ben Lilleodden, Walker Sea) 

Male JV Individual scores: Christian Haight - 4th Place, Jarrett Manifold - 10th Place

Female Varsity Indiv: Ciara Erenberger - 17th place, Lillee McAtee 27th

Female JV Individual scores: Nicole Breese - 3rd place with a score of 183 hit targets out of a possible 200 targets.

Male Varsity: Hunter Gehrke tied for 1st place with a score of 197 hit targets out of a possible 200, after 2 shoot-offs Hunter Gehrke was awarded 2nd place

Congrats to Nicole Breese and Hunter Gehrke who were the Solon Medal Winners for the Iowa Scholastic Clay Target Program State Championship.

Individual's scores for state included league awards for those with top scores throughout the season. 

Medals went to the top 6 with over 2000 student athletes competing. After several shoot-offs, attached are the pictures of the top male and top female. Congrats Logan Chaloupka, Hunter Gehrke and Nicole Breese for making the State of Iowa and Scholastic Clay Target Program All State Squads for Male and then for Female.


The Solon Spartan Trapshooting competed in the 2015 Iowa High School League Championship on June 6 and 7th (over 1500 people competed via league during the season scores and then competed at state during 100 rounds shot during 2 days): Squads in top contention included: Solon Black AND Solon Grey were both 1 bird shy of 6th place trophy winner. (Black: Chaloupka, H Gehrke, C Thielen, B Lilleodden, W Sea & Grey: Gibbs, D Tompkins, N Vsetcka, L Schwartz, J McAtee)


Individual award winners after 3 shoot offs with 10 student athletes who tied with a 97 for only 4 slots included: 3rd place Christian Haight & 4th place Hunter Gehrke. 


The next highlight is the Iowa High School League awarded by the state of Iowa and the DNR, Solon had 2 male student athletes make the top 6 and one female student athlete make the top 6 female in the state.  These awards were received by Logan Chaloupka, Hunter Gehrke and Nicole Breese,  


Lastly, all trapshooting team's scores throughout the state brought Solon Spartan Trapshooting two trophies. From all scores achieved during season competitions, Solon Spartan Trapshooting team achieved 2nd place 2015 Iowa High School Trap League overall against over 200 schools.   

Solon Spartans Trap was awarded 3rd place All State Trap Team with the criteria from scores achieved throughout the season combined with scores achieved while at State Trapshooting on June 6 and 7th. 


2015 Nationals in Sparta, Illinois (Attended by over 6000 student athletes).


The 2015 Scholastic Clay Target Program National Championships took place July 13 through July 18 at the World Shooting Complex in Sparta, Illinois. There were over 6000 student athletes who represented ~40 different states who competed at Nationals. Nationals for SCTP consisted of several types of shooting sports: Sporting Clays, Skeet, American Trap (16-yards), Handicap Trap (25-yards), Doubles at 16-yards, Doubles Skeet. All disciplines consisted of 200 targets. The state of Iowa had over 200 student athletes. States with highest attendance included: Florida, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Iowa. Solon Student Athletes who competed included: Intermediate/Entry Level (first year Middle School): Denver Haight

The Junior Varsity student athletes included:  Michael Baumgartner, Christian Haight , Nicole Breese, Jarrett Manifold, Chase Gehrke

Varsity student athletes included: Hunter Gehrke, Walker Sea

The student athletes from Solon competed in following disciplines: Preliminary 16-yard Trap, American Trap (16 yard trapshooting), Skeet, 25-yard trapshooting (handicap), Doubles Trapshooting.

Notables for results include:

The Solon Junior Varsity squad (Michael Baumgartner, Christian Haight, Nicole Breese, Jarrett Manifold, Chase Gehrke)

1st place in the Nation for Doubles Trapshooting 

1st place in the Nation for 25-yards Trapshooting (handicap)

Junior Varsity/Nicole Breese - 1st in 16-yard preliminary trap, 7th in 200 Target Handicap Trap, 12th in 200 Target American Trap

- 13th place for 16-yard Trapshooting (competing against over 50 JV Squads)

- 23rd place for JV Squad for Skeet (Jarrett Manifold, Michael Baumgartner, Chase Gehrke)

Individual notables at Nationals 2015 includes the following results:

Varsity/Hunter Gehrke - 9th place over all for 25-yard Trap (200 targets), tied for 7th in 200 Target American Trap (16-yard trapshooting),

Junior Varsity/Michael Baumgartner - 10th in 200 Target Doubles, 41st in Skeet, 23rd in 200 Target Handicap Trap

Junior Varsity/Chase Gehrke - 16th in 200 Target Doubles

Junior Varsity/Christian Haight - 12th in 200 Target Doubles, 45th in 200 Target American Trap

Junior Varsity/Jarrett Manifold - 24th in 200 Target Doubles, 22nd in 200 Target Handicap Trap

Intermediate Entry Level/ Denver Haight - 72nd place in 200 Target American Trap


2015 Team Roster by Grade

2015 Seniors: Chaloupka, Logan   /   Colton, Lee   / Corrigan, Sam   /  Erenberger, Ciara   /  Koch, Carter   /   Lilleodden, Ben /  Takeuchi, Raiden

2015 Juniors: Asprey, Caleb   /  Beuter, Megan   /    Erenberger, Olivia   /   Gehrke, Hunter   / Johnson, Ashley N.  /    Mcatee, Lillee   /   Schwartz, Levi   /   Tepoel, Cameron   /    Thielen, Chad   /    Tompkins, Daylan   / 

2015 Sophomores:   Bartling, Teah   /    Gibbs, Justin   /   McAtee, James   /   Olney, Nick  /   Rowland, Grant /  Vsetecka, Nick

2015 Freshman: Baumgartner, Michael   /  Breese, Nicole   /   Connelly, Chase   /   Dvorsky, Brenton   /   Gehrke, Chase   /   Haight, Christian   /    Kral, Joseph  /  Manifold, Jarrett   /  Smith, Brianna   / Stallman, Treven   /  

8th grade: Sea, Carter 

7th grade: Haight, Denver   

5th grade: Maddie Manifold

2014 Season Details & Results

Seasons 2013 and prior...

2015 Season Details & Results


Overall Accomplishments:

The Solon Spartan Trapshooting team has had outstanding team and individual accomplishments over the years, including:

  • 2016: 1st place in Highover all DNR Award for Singles and Handicap - BAXTER CUP, State Champions in Handicap, State Champions in Doubles, State Champions in Singles with 1st and 4th place Squads.  Solon Females and Males on the All State Squads and Top in the State PLUS 2nd in the Nation in Ohio. 

  • 2015: 2 National Titles for JV Squad of 5 - in Handicap and Doubles.  Student Athletes ranked at National Level in the top 10.  At a State Performance, 4 student athletes placed in the TOP of the state for the DNR and SCTP Competitions.  Ranked 2nd and 3rd place as a team overall for season competitions.  Individual awards for female and male - All State Squad, DNR Top Athletes, and SCTP Top Iowa Athletes, 

  • 2014: 4th place squad, 2nd place state, 6th place in League Scores

  • 2013: 3th place squad, 3rd place state, 3th place in League Scores & one male student in All State Squad.

  • 2012: Trophy placement as a team in top 5 in the state.

National Championship Award Winners!

Student atheletes who competed included: Denver and Christian Haight, Chase Gehrke, Nicole Breese, James McAtee.  The team entered an "Open" category (mixing middle school and high school and placed 2nd in the Nation).



Iowa State High School Championship highlights:

The entire team did an outstanding job during the season and at the state shoot. Capturing the information for all the awards was challenging because of the amount of awards received. We apologize if there is any oversight, it is NOT intentional, this is information received from the DNR. An overview of the awards includes: 
16 Yard LEAGUE - 1st place as a Team from LEAGUE (during season) (H Gehrke, C Gehrke, T Stallman, J Gibbs, J McAtee)
16 Yard State Championship - 1st place as a Team (H Gehrke, J Gibbs, N Breese, C Thielen, N Vsetecka)
16 Yard State Champion Squad - 1st place as a Squad (adding $5K MidwayUSA funds) (J Gibbs, H Gehrke, T Stallman, N Breese, C Gehrke)
16 Yard State Championship - 4th place as a Squad (adding $2.5K MidwayUSA funds) (W Sea, C Thielen, J McAtee, C Haight, N Vsetecka)
Doubles Trap Team Champs for League - 3rd Place from LEAGUE (during season) (H Gehrke, T Stallman, N Breese, C Gehrke, C Haight)
Doubles Trap Team Champion Squad - 1st place as a Squad (adding $5K MidwayUSA funds) (T Stallman, H Gehrke, C Gehrke, N Breese, C Haight)
Doubles Trap Team Championship - 2nd place as a Team 
Handicap Trap Team Champs for League - 2nd Place from LEAGUE (during season) (H Gehrke, N Vsetecka, T Stallman, C Gehrke, N Breese)
Handicap Trap Champion Squad - 1st place as a Squad (adding $5K MidwayUSA funds) (H Gehrke, N Vsetecka, C Gehrke, N Breese, T Stallman)
Handicap Trap Team Championship - 2nd place as a Team @ State (H Gehrke, N Breese, C Theilen, T Stallman, M Baumgartner)
Baxter Cup (top 5 student athlete scores from 16 yard league ((H Gehrke, T Stallman, J Gibbs, J McAtee, C Gehrke), 16 yard state (H Gehrke, J Gibbs, N Breese, C Thielen, N Vsetecka) and Handicap (H Gehrke, N Breese, C Thielen, T Stallman, M Baumgartner)) 
Intermediate Doubles championship indivudual award - Cole Birky
All State Male Squad: H Gehrke & J Gibbs
All State Female Squad: N Breese
High All Around Awards: H Gehrke & N Breese
League individual awards for female and male: N Breese, T Stallman, H Gehrke (awards given for 1st thru 6th)
Individual placements for State (awards given for 1st thru 6th) include: N Breese, J Gibbs, T Stallman, H Gehrke.

2016 Season Details & Results

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