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This team is a youth shooting sports program with student athletes from the Solon Iowa Community School District with representation from Middle School and High School.  Our team is focused on Trapshooting. Using a combination of education and athletics, we work to enhance the growth and personal development of student athletes.


The Team's season starts in January with team registration and official practices begin in March.

The team has been in existence since ~2006.  Previous coaches, parents and student athletes have built a great foundation for where we are today. 


If you have further questions about this team, please contact Coach: Bev Birky    

SCTP Registered Coaches: 
Head Coaches:
Bev Birky
Assistants:  Matt Birky, JJ Thomson 
SCTP Registered Adult Volunteers: 


The Solon Spartan Trapshooting Team's board consists of:

  • President: Jeannie Haight (2016-19 school calendar years)

  • Vice President: Veronica Howsare (2018-19 school calendar years)

  • Secretary: Mundi McCarty (2017-19 school calendar year)

  • Treasurer: Tracy Thomson (2018-19 school calendar years)

  • Head Coach: Bev Birky (2018-19 school calendar years)


Previous Board Members:

  Head Coach: Matt Manifold (2017-19 school calendar years)

  Head Coach Brad Gehrke (3 yrs) (2013-14, 2014-15,15-16 school calendar years)

  President: Jeff Gibbs (2014-15 & 2015-16 school calendar years)

  Vice President: Kris McAtee (2015-17 school calendar years)

  Treasurer: Kelly Breese (2014-17 school calendar years)

  Secretary: Kelly Vsetecka (2016-17 school calendar year)
  Secretary: Anne Manifold (2014-15 & 2015-16 school calendar years)




Solon Spartan Trapshooting Team Club Meeting Minutes and Board Bi-Laws 
You may view details of the board meeting by clicking on the following Google Docs link.   

  • For Middle School, student athletes (Intermediate Class) will compete in Singles Trapshooting (16 yards) and shooting rounds of 50 at each competition.  After MS Student Athletes master 16 yard shooting, they can learn and compete in other disciplines.  

  • For High School, student athletes (JV and Varsity) have the opportunity to complete in Singles (16 yard), Doubles (16 yard - 2 birds at a time), and Handicap (yardage is set back).  Each of the above discipline is based on 50 targets per competition.

  • For the Handicap Discipline yardages for the different classifications include:

    • Rookies (5th grade and younger)= 19 yds

    • Intermediate 6th-8th grade) = 21 yds

    • Varsity and Junior Varsity (9-12th) = 25 yds

  • Student must register for the team by Feb. 10, and make prior arrangements with the HEAD COACH if they cannot be at the registration meetings the first week of February of the sport year.  
  • All Solon student athletes are required to participate in classroom training off the trap field.  
    • New student athletes are to attend an orientation and safety training.
    • Existing student athletes are required to attend one session (~1.5 hrs) of the multiple classroom training sessions that are offered. 
  • Organized practices for this team begin the 1st wee of March and are offered Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Sundays each week at Otter Creek Sportsman's Club in Cedar Rapids.  
  • All Solon student athletes are required to attend 6 practices prior to the 2nd Tuesday in April, as well as to continue weekly practices. 
  • If the athlete did not attend the required 6 practices prior to the 3rd Tuesday in April, they will have to complete before competing in a duels at practice.
  • Tuesday & Thursday at Otter Creek in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (between 4:30PM and 6PM).  Do NOT arrive at or after 5:45PM.  Sundays  (pending ATA Shoots) 2pm to 3:30pm.
  • Depending upon the student athlete's level of involvement.
  • In addition, click here to see the required memberships and fees for student athletes.
Bustin' Clay
2015 Solon Spartan Trapshooting Team
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